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Thanks for checking out this community! This community was started in September of 2005 by striphe as a meeting place for people who enjoy reading... And those who enjoy writing as well ;).

This community is fairly laid back, reviews and book swapping/trading is highly encouraged. We will make every attempt to make a suggestion for books each month, we'd also like to have users feel free to make recommendations!

The main purpose of this community is to read books and discuss them in a group; these discussions can vary between whether or not people like the book to an in depth analysis of each chapter and character. It all depends on what the members want to talk about and to what extent they want to analyze. This community is completely informal so there is nothing specific about a book that the members should feel that they have to address.

Members can feel free to post reviews or analysis of various books that they have read; we'd like to keep the community active and there are times that users will not have the funding to afford books so they shouldn't feel left out.

Make your recommendations for the Book of the Month here!

Movies: As I'm sure you've noticed that a lot of books have been made into movies; instead of cheating and watching the movie, why not read the book THEN watch the movie and see if you can spot the differences... A lot of movies have a lot more content added in for entertainment value.

1. Absolutely no harassment of any kind, if you and another user have an issue with each other please take it out of the public forum.
2. No advertisements, we know there are hundreds of communities online but this one is ours; please keep your advertisements of products, communities, and services to yourself or other communities online.
3. Have fun! This is why we're all here!!!

Our affiliate communities include: poems

To post an intro:
If you choose to post an intro (it's not required but it's always good to get to know the group) please post some of the following information:

The Basics:
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:

1. TV Show:
2. Movie:
3. Book:
4. Type of (or types) of book(s):
5. Color:
6. Season:
7. Food:
8. Drink:

Finally, feel free to describe yourself in any amount of detail that you choose! We'd even like to see a picture of you so we can see the writer behind the word...
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