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The Basics:
1. Name: Amy
2. Age: almost 21
3. Location: Illinois, sometimes Boston

1. TV Show: Grey's, Ugly Betty, House, Law and Order: SVU
2. Movie: Pride & Prejudice, Love Actually, My Sassy Girl
3. Book: GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire series; Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy; The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series; The Odyssey; La vie devant soi - Romain Gary; Guns, Germs, and Steel - Jared Diamond
4. Type of (or types) of book(s): fantasy at the moment, but I'll read anything
5. Color: Green
6. Season: summer
7. Food: this is a hard one...
8. Drink: tapioca milk tea

Hi everyone! I'm looking for something to read this summer, preferably fantasy cuz I need something to hold me over till frickin George R.R. Martin finishes the next installment of ASOIAF! I never liked fantasy before but since reading ASOIAF, GRRM has set the bar way too high for me. The politcal intrigue and low-key fantasy elements are what I love most about the books. I just finished reading Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder and found the protagonist to be a blatant Mary-Sue. I can't believe a reviewer on Amazon compared it to ASOIAF. Not even close. Does anyone have suggestions? Please not something where there is a Chosen One who is destined to have super magical powers to save the world, blah, blah because that's just...ew.
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